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A/C System Services | How To Propely Charge For A/C Repairs & Diagnostics A/C Systems Can Sometimes Be a Challenge. As an Auto Repair Technician myself I love repairing A/C Systems and have repaired over 1000 A/C Systems all whilst maintaining very happy clients and very efficient A/C Systems. Ever had a client say I just filled my system 2 weeks ago and now it isn't working? Let's [...] Read more Value Based Auto Repair Shop Value Based vs Priced and Commodity Based One of the best parts of my job is I get to help auto repair shop owners MAKE MORE MONEY! I also get to go door to door visiting many auto repair shops and get insights on how they operate. I have seen many different types of operations. Price and commodity-based businesses are more prominent [...] Read more How To Reach Your Clients During COVID-19 We keep seeing on the news "Automotive Service Shops Listed as an Essential Service". Yes, we are lucky to be deemed an essential service. That is just the start! For many of us, bills keep piling up! Keeping the doors open is tough when we don't have vehicles coming in the door. I will go [...] Read more COVID-19 Automotive Repair Shop Impacts & Solutions Automotive Services have now been deemed an essential service. While for us this is great it is important as a business that we are prepared for what is to come. Many won't say it but it is the reality of this time we are now in. We need to adapt as this world changes rapidly. [...] Read more Coated vs UnCoated Brake Rotors | Cheap Brake Rotors vs Quality Brake Rotors When it comes to brake rotors there it becomes very overwhelming! We FEEL You!! More and more parts stores and large chains are starting to make their own private label brake rotors. This allows for a big confusion in the market as to what is the best brake rotors? This can be a very challenging [...] Read more