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Coated vs UnCoated Brake Rotors | Cheap Brake Rotors vs Quality Brake Rotors

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Coated vs UnCoated Brake Rotors | Cheap Brake Rotors vs Quality Brake Rotors

When it comes to brake rotors there it becomes very overwhelming! We FEEL You!!

More and more parts stores and large chains are starting to make their own private label brake rotors. This allows for a big confusion in the market as to what is the best brake rotors? This can be a very challenging question to answer. Most of the time quality comes down to the weight in the rotor. Many manufacturers save money on their rotors by using less fins. These are the bad brake rotors everyone needs to watch out for!

Cheap brake rotors are also known as white box rotors. They have been on the market for many years. Again with these cheap rotors there is many really cheap rotors and the quality actually varies. Not all cheap brake rotors are made the same. Making sure you have a decent affordable quality brake rotor is imperative to your safety. If ever you are unsure of the quality of rotor you have or purchased, compare the weight between the OEM brake rotor and the aftermarket brake rotor. This is the easiest way to ensure you are installing a decent quality rotor.

Coated brake rotors have become the norm in professional auto repair shops. As auto repair shops most of them will want to install a quality coated brake rotor. Not all rotors are created equal. Same as the cheap brake rotors. Even with coated brake rotors the quality varies. Some manufacturers use the same cheap brake rotor and paint a coating or even worse powder coat them. This slows the corrosion process but barely. Geomet brake coating is the highest quality of brake rotor coating on the market today. It adheres extremely well to the porous cast iron. But before the coating we need to make sure that the rotor is a high quality even before coating. Not all coated rotors are quality regardless of coating. We have seen more and more coated brake rotors hit the market over the last few years and to our surprise very many of them were very poor quality.

We have tested many rotors over the years and the ones we have had the best reviews and no returns from are the Genius Coated Brake Rotors.

Wether you need cheap brake rotors or quality brake rotors our team would be glad to help you pick the right one for your vehicle

Checkout our Cheap Brake Rotors here :

Checkout our Quality Coated Brake Rotors here :

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