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How To Reach Your Clients During COVID-19

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How To Reach Your Clients During COVID-19

We keep seeing on the news “Automotive Service Shops Listed as an Essential Service”. Yes, we are lucky to be deemed an essential service.

That is just the start! For many of us, bills keep piling up! Keeping the doors open is tough when we don’t have vehicles coming in the door. I will go through a couple of strategies that I have used to help some of our other clients to help make your clients aware that you are in fact open. May seem simple right?! There is much more to this nowadays with all the different tools and platforms to spread our message to the general public, potential clients and current client base

Make Sure They Know You’re Open

Take a minute to reflect and think about how your clients would know you’re open?….

Most Answers are Usually

-They would call if they needed something

-They would come and visit if they had issues with their vehicle

-They would email to ask if we were open through this pandemic

What if I told you that because of all the fear in the marketplace right now most might not even reach out unless they knew that you were taking precautions and the necessary steps to make sure their health is being regarded as our number one priority.

Our Last Article On The Best Measures to Make Clients Feel & Be Re-Assured





Easier or Tougher to Reach Clients Now?

Yes, this is a loaded question before we used to use different platforms to get our message across. The main issue with the older methods of doing this was the delay. Think of the amount of time that was required to get an ad in the newspaper. Now with this COVID-19 Pandemic, things are changing so rapidly. With things changing rapidly, our ability to react and send appropriate messaging in time with the older technologies is just not as effective! All the new technologies can be a nuisance to keep up with BUT they can be really helpful to get our messages across quickly and effectively.

Content Is King!

Many of us have maybe heard this word get thrown around from time to time. What does it mean exactly? There is way more effort and thought that needs to go into content nowadays. It isn’t just posting repairs you had in the shop today. There are many different strategies now in the marketplace to create content. Having a clear and concise content marketing strategy is key to keep the new and existing customer percentages in check


How I Define Content

Information with a purpose for a targeted audience. Good content provides value to our existing and potential clients

What does that mean?

Adding value is the most important thing we need to consider for clients. Many of us serve different niches; Heavy-Duty, General Repair, European, Domestic, Industrial and many more. Our voice needs to differ due to our client demographics. We need to reflect on what their needs are. Now many of those niches RIGHT NOW will have many of the same needs. This provides you with an opportunity instead of a burden.
Sending that Message Across Ethically! 

We need to be responsible for how, when and what we are delivering as far as content goes in these difficult times. We cannot just grab the loudspeaker and say “9.99$ Oil Change”. We need to think about our clients and dig deep into what they need. Take a minute to reflect on what that could be


Importance of Google My Business Page

Do you have a google my business page? Some might some might not. There are a couple of reasons why a google page is extremely important during these times. It also helps in regular times for clients to find you. New clients are important in every business. Clients nowadays are very lazy and want things to be as easy for them as possible.

-Updating Hours & Days of Operation

-Important Information On How You’ve Adapted to COVID-19

-Change Status to Temporarily Closed (If Closing Of Course)

-Post About Your Safety Measures

Google My Business is extremely important to have and use to publish content. If you don’t have a Google My Business page and you would like one, I will build it for you at NO CHARGE.

Here is a client of ours with ZERO Ads! This is simply an optimized page that generates over 15 new clients / month


Who wouldn’t want 114 extra calls per month. If we think for a minute that we can get 2 new clients per month. Average Work Order of 450$.. No Brainer Right!


Do You Have a Google My Business Page? If Not It’s Okay we Will Build & Optimize for FREE – Valued at 97$ 


Do You Really Need A Facebook Page?

Facebook is now the new social playground. Even more so with the new normal social distancing measures. It allows us to talk to our clients and potential clients easily. Best part.. It’s FREE.

The best way to position your brand as a caring, responsible and diligent company is to showcase that on social media. What better way to promote social distancing on the network that created true online social distancing.

There are many uses for the Facebook pages and it really allows you to target your golden clients.

For many of our clients, we take care of their whole page. This allows us to help you cross-market with specials we might be able to run together once approved.

Same As the Google Page we need to make sure our clients are aware of how we are adapting to these virus changes

-Updating Hours & Days of Operation

-Important Information On How You’ve Adapted to COVID-19

-Change Status to Temporarily Closed (If Closing Of Course)

-Post About Your Safety Measures


More and More I have noticed that while we might be really good at repairing vehicles but we aren’t as good at marketing our auto repair shops. Most people think of marketing as spending money. This is where I disagree!! Marketing is simply the position of your brand and what value you can offer your clients. I started doing little projects for some of our clients that needed it and now I have provided them great results. With the COVID-19 Outbreak, many auto repair shops are forcing to close and lay-off staff.


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