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Welcome to Capital Auto Parts - Your Partner in Automotive Excellence

At Capital Auto Parts, we're more than just a parts distributor; we're your strategic ally in the world of automotive excellence. Our brand is driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to quality, and an unwavering dedication to our customers. We're not just here to provide parts; we're here to elevate your automotive experience.

Our Purpose: Empowering Your Success

Our mission is clear - to empower our customers to achieve prosperity. We're here to provide the support you need, whether you're a business owner looking to thrive or an automotive enthusiast seeking to upgrade with confidence.

Our Mission: Excellence Every Day

Our daily mission is simple - to deliver excellence in everything we do. We set high standards for our service and products, and we're relentless in exceeding your expectations because every detail matters when you're with Capital Auto Parts.

Our Vision: Driving a Better Future

We envision a world where automotive manufacturers and repair shops work seamlessly together. Our goal is to be at the forefront of this transformation, driving the industry forward and making your automotive experience better every day.

Our Values: The Heart of Capital Auto Parts

Our values go beyond the basics. They are the foundation of our brand and the reason why you can trust us.

  • Hard Work: We're committed to helping our customers, our team, and ourselves through hard work.
  • Attention to Detail: We obsess over details because we know they make the difference.
  • Integrity: We're honest and always deliver on our promises.
  • Innovation: We're constantly ahead in technology, ensuring you get the best.

Slogan: Capital Auto Parts - Building Better Together

Our slogan embodies our commitment to helping both businesses and automotive enthusiasts build better vehicles and businesses through quality parts, competitive pricing, and exceptional support.

Partnering for Prosperity

At Capital Auto Parts, we understand the challenges and aspirations of shop owners. Our innovative solutions and unwavering support are designed to help you thrive and succeed, even in uncertain times.

Upgrade with Confidence

For DIYers, and savvy consumers, we're your trusted source for high-quality parts at competitive prices. We provide the support you need to upgrade your vehicle with confidence.

Our Journey

Capital Auto Parts was born out of the need for quality parts at competitive prices. We've revolutionized pricing and cataloging to empower automotive businesses to stay competitive and profitable. Our commitment to innovation is your assurance of excellence.

How We're Redefining Online Sales

Drawing inspiration from brick-and-mortar stores, we're creating an engaging online experience that's as enjoyable as browsing in person. Our user-friendly website makes finding what you need a breeze. We keep you informed about new inventory and special offers through timely emails and enticing social media posts.

As we move into the future, our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity remains unwavering. Capital Auto Parts continues to lead the way in technology and possibilities, always with our core values at the forefront. Discover how we're building better together at Capital Auto Parts.

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